Wednesday, February 3, 2016

5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Event Unique

How time flies, another spring wedding season is upon us!

     This past weekend kicked of the wedding show events for the new year.  With that comes new and exciting ideas for couples to make their special day not only unique but memorable.  This can be tougher than one might think.  Sifting through the available options one will find a lot similarities between DJ's, décor and entertainment.  So lets take the headache away, here are the Top Five most unique wedding trends for 2016/17.  After all, with the amount of time, planning and expense put into these celebrations, you deserve to stand out from the pack!

1.  Accessories, Centrepieces and Party Favors

Mirror Ball Centrepieces
Custom Made

     Flowers tend to be a common thing at almost every wedding, so lets look at alternatives that will give you that unique flare you're looking for.  Centrepieces have taken a new and creative turn towards one of a kind custom made works of art.  These elegant focal points now incorporate LED fairy lights, glow beads and illuminated orbs.  They provide an array of colours that can set the tone for any wedding event and provide that WOW factor everyone wants.  Many times this option can be less expensive than flowers and can be taken home by guests and used for years to come!


2. Entertainment

     Entertainment has become increasingly popular in the past decade.  Couples are now using their big day to display their unique tastes and interests to make a memorable experience for there guests.  Now we all know the DJ is considered a must, but this year we are seeing an expansion on that to magicians, aerialists and live performances.  Providing a different type of entertainment gives guests a visual experience that leaves a lasting impression for a lifetime.




3. Stands and Serving Stations

Glowing Drink Station
Illuminated Buffet Stand
Circular Illuminated Serving Station
La Rouge 5pcs Led Bar
     A fun flair to keep the momentum alive in between the ceremony and well into the night. Illuminated Buffet and drink stands are a great way to display food or beverages, and can provide a central spot for guests to grab a few treats.  These displays are incredibly useful due there portability!  Powered by an independent battery supply they can be placed anywhere, indoor or out door, the middle of the foyer or an open field. With the addition of a portable bar and a well mannered server, your guests can order a cold drink or a signature cocktail.  Some have incorporated a chef and a small grill where anyone can sample a hot hors d'oeuvre.  This is a fairly unique idea as most regard bars and serving tables as stationary objects in fixed places.  Well that is not the case anymore!

4. Customized Decals

Customized Logo or Decal for Bar, Table, Dance Floor
     In the digital age people are now creating websites for their weddings. The online world has provided a valuable forum for couples to announce the big news.  With that comes the increased popularity in personalizing the big day with customized messages, decals and motifs.  Couples and planners have started to display insignias and messages on napkins, party favors and linens.  To make an even bigger splash this year these customizations are found on the main bar, backdrops and even the entire dance floor! 

Usually applied using a durable vinyl these large spaces are great for leaving a lasting impression and representing the personality in every detail of the event.

5. Illuminated VIP Area 

VIP Area - Fairmont Royal York
     A Wedding celebration can be a long day. Providing a VIP or chill out area can allow guests to take a load off those sore feet from dancing the night away.  A cool glowing lounge can provide that club like feel in just about any area of the chosen venue.  With versatile designs and modular seating, VIP areas can be created large or small and placed in any unused space in the main area.  A beautiful setting around the head table or even on both sides is definitely growing in popularity.  This is a great way to provide warmth in even the largest of spaces.

Illuminated Glow Lounge
with White Leather Cushions

These Top Five ideas will provide style and elegance with a big dose of fun!  They can fit into most budgets and any location chosen for the big day.  Guests will be left with an amazing experience and happy they traveled to attend the nuptials.

Sometimes the right touch is what seperates your wedding from the rest!

Robyn Duffield
Event Coordinator

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